Anything that sparkles and illuminates shining lights is an attraction in itself. And what’s more beautiful than a well-crafted jewelry box that has all the dazzling pieces of art inside. The beautiful look of jewelry box is quite appealing and storing all your valuables inside it makes for the perfect combination of both.

You can use the jewelry box for its pretty look and for its utility of keeping your treasures safe. There are numerous kinds of jewelry box that you can use for this purpose. However, the best ones are those that are made of wooden material as it adds class and durability to your jewelry box and that’s not it!

Why Get A Wooden Jewelry Box?

There’s so much to why a jewelry wood box should be your go-to choice for when you want to store all your goods at one place. Here are a few reasons why you would want a wooden jewelry box only.

  • Wooden boxes are quite basic and decent in their look which beautifies their look as you add colors and sparkles to it
  • The elegance of well-decorated wooden jewelry boxes is a treat to the eyes which pleases the soul and looks the prettiest
  • Boxes made of wood have an eco-friendly nature which makes it a sustainable item to use since it comes from the nature and encourages green production
  • Wood is one of the most durable options for making a jewelry box as it guarantees staying in one piece for a long time without breaking or getting scratches
  • Wooden jewelry boxes preserve the quality and form of your jewelry inside by keeping it safe from the intrusive particles in the environment

Types of Wood to Make a Jewelry Box

As you decide to make or create a wooden jewelry box, you still need to consider which kind of wood you want in it. With several kinds of wood available to work with, you have ample options to choose from. Here are all the common kinds that you could opt for.


One of the most commonly used wood is Pine that grows in a great quantity across the United States. You can get it from any timber mart and create your jewelry box easily. It is a yellowish-brown colored wood that looks quite attractive in its appearance and does its job of adding strength to the box as well. Also, it is one of the cheapest kinds of wood that is available in the market. The best thing about Pine is how it has a lovely odor that comes from its resin and natural oil. Once polished, it gives an appealing look that beautifies the entire jewelry box further.


It is a dark-colored wood that has quite the appealing shades of red and brown in its appearance. Also, on being polished, it shows an even prettier form on being polished. The hard Mahogany wood is extremely durable and tough to get damaged which makes it an ideal choice for the body of your jewelry box.


The best-looking kinds of wood are those that have are bright colored. The light colors allow for the designing and colors to become more vibrant. And so, Yellowheart, as the name suggests, is yellow-colored with a hint of golden shade in it. The dense form of the wood give it strength in the body and makes the jewelry box durable while keeping your valuables safe. It looks the smartest when worked on and finished properly.

White Oak

If you want the utmost durability in your jewelry box, White Oak is what you need to use in it. It is the highest-quality wood available as it is resistant to rot but requires proper maintenance in the form of oiling and painting every now and then. With stain and varnish, it displays its grains the most gorgeously which is exactly what you want from your jewelry box.


Another kind of wood that is hard in its body and tough in use is Maple. It is the kind of wood that is perfect for making long-lasting jewelries and watch boxes. Its timber is quite valuable and consists of a decorative wood grain. The pattern on Maple is extremely classy and unique which makes it sufficient enough to look great without even being decorated further. Jewelry box made of Maple are quite expensive but are totally worth the investment.

In A Nutshell

Jewelry boxes are the first source of attraction for you as you get ready to go out and out those fancy earrings and necklaces out. You need to get yourself a jewelry box not just for storage of your glittery accessories but to enjoy the whole experience of wearing jewelry super fun. You can choose how you want it to be by selecting what kind of wood looks the best to you and, eventually, have the perfect jewelry box in front of you always!