About J&J woodshop LLC

J&J Woodshop LLC is a passion inspired business of crafting wood products, as accurate as the Wood Jewellery design preferred by our clients. We customize several wooden products for homely decorations and heartfelt gifts. Each product we craft is made with fine wood, care, passion, and the love of crafting.

Our business started with a single man chasing his absolute love for wood crafting hobby. With dedication and hard work, the passion turned into a dream place for work.

Our Passion for Wood Jewellery Work:

We love what we do and each order for us is an opportunity for us to explore and challenge our creativity and handcrafting. We custom make wood products as little as wood key chains to exquisite jewellery wood boxes.

Woodwork is a talent only a few hands can get a hold of because once a block of wood is cut there is no going back. J&J woodshop founder’s passion for woodwork started in his early adolescence. Where woodwork doesn't leave space for any mistake during the process, woodwork is an art that promotes self-confidence and blind trust in the skills.

With confidence and creativity, many paths opened for the boy who started wood crafting with only a few tools and eventually to owning a woodcraft shop.

Today we have turned our traditional products into creative custom wooden products so our customers can embrace the trends and fine look of woodwork, simultaneously.

Your Design, Our Wood:

One of the reasons that our business has flourished in the market is that our tools move as a trend in the market. J&J Woodshop's years of experience have trained us into flexible wood crafters, who can turn wood into a piece of decoration and personalized gift with a polished look. It seems like an exaggeration but we can refine any piece of wood into the design you want. You can confirm this fact by placing an order with us


Our Custom Wood Products:

We make sure that each stroke of the wooden curve is as satisfactory to you as it was to us while crafting. We offer an exceptional final look of custom wood products. Our variations of custom wood products include:

Custom Jewellery Wood Box:

What's more awe-inspiring than a wooden jewellery box? Custom made wood jewellery boxes! Custom wood made jewellery boxes protect your jewellery better from rusting as compared to metal boxes. We customize handcrafted wooden jewellery boxes with antique design carving on the surface. We select the finest piece of wood so they look never works out.

Custom Wood Key chains:

Would you like a design or would you like the text on your keychain because we carve both into custom wood key chains? Along with carving into the wood, we have also mastered the technique of wood inking without any ink leak. Our custom made wood name keychains come with extremely clean texture and appearance. We make sure our key chains readability doesn't fade at all.

Custom Wood Crosses:

Decorate your house with the peace and love religion wants to spread. We offer magnificent custom wood crosses crafts for homes. Each symbolized cross can be customized with a different carving on the wood.

Custom Wood Ornaments:

Why do the extensive work of lumbering and baking when you can purchase beautiful Diy wood ornaments from J&J woodshop? We make custom wood ornaments as pretty as a picture, that you can use for holiday decoration or just home interior pieces. We make both custom wood slice ornaments and wood ornaments.

Custom Wood Jewellery:

Ever heard of wearing wood as jewellery? Try our customized wooden jewellery and craft a fashion statement like no other. Making wood body jewellery we are extra careful about the final products that will be worn for hours. We make sure that it's light and with better finishing. We can customize earrings, pendants, bracelet ornaments, and more.

Custom Wood Magnets:

All plastic, metal, and concrete magnets on the market? Add something new to your custom wood magnets collection with our wood magnets. If you have collected all the worthy designs, send us your own design and we will carve it on the wood for you. Our technique of joining wood with magnet is admirable considering the durability of our jewellery products.

What Our Client Say's

  • "J and J woodshop is just the best! I had an amazing experience here. Very neat place. Nice variety of items. – Joe McLain."
  • "Very reasonably priced for quality wooden pieces. A little out of the way but well worth the drive. Enjoy! – Grace Dewald"
  • "Very nice small gift shop. Love the crosses, keychains, and everything else. – Cindy Barger"