2015 Summer and Fall Shows

Posted by David Krepel on June 18, 2015 (Comments Closed)

Here’s our Summer and Fall Show Schedule for 2015.  Stop by our booth to see our latest products.  We have some new some stuff coming out and we are always ready to work on custom orders for you.

July 19-22 Philadelphia Git Show, Booth #734

August 1-3 Biloxi Gift Show Booth #306

September 16-19 Las Vegas Souvenior Show, booth #1875

October 15-18 Chicago Jewelery Show, Booth (TBA) retail/wholesale

November 3-6 IGES Sevierville Souvenir Show Booth #2505

Slight Wholesale Price increase

Posted by David Krepel on June 9, 2015 (Comments Closed)

My employees are worthy of a pay increase, Therefore,  July 1st we will be adjusting our wholesale prices upward 2-5%.  All orders placed June 30 or before will be at the old pricing no matter the shipping date.

Oklahoma and Texas Souveniors

Posted by David Krepel on March 30, 2015 (Comments Closed)

We continue to design and manufacture some great souvenirs.  You will now find that Oklahoma and Texas have their own pages.   If you like what you see, order off the web or give us a call.  We can make some for you.  We can even customize it to match a special event.

Minneapolis Market

Posted by David Krepel on March 9, 2015 (Comments Closed)

I will be setting up in the temporaries in Minneapolis this weekend. Hope to restock some of our folks up North and show of a few new items.

Website update

Posted by David Krepel on March 1, 2015 (Comments Closed)

We updated our home page today.  It shows off a new cross we designed and we also added a new category of key chains.   We called them Charming Key Chains but still looking for a better term.  Naming lines and products is always a challenge for us.

May God’s Peace be with you, David

Merry Christmas

Posted by David Krepel on December 20, 2014 (Comments Closed)

Merry Christmas,

May the joy of this Christmas Season be in your life as we recall again the words of the Angels, “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on Earth”.  In spite of conflict around the world and the turmoil in our lives, we can find true joy and peace in the gift that was laid in a manger.

Catching Up

Posted by David Krepel on December 3, 2014 (Comments Closed)

We appreciate your patience the last 2 months.  We have been overwhelmed with orders.  We have a few projects that we are trying to follow up on but for the most part we are back to shipping in 48 hours.

We are taking steps to avoid repeating the same problem.  We are adding an extra engraving machine and we are also starting to train another designer.  We will also double the size of our inventory room and add more work space.

This won’t happen overnight as our main focus will still be devolving quality products and delivering them in timely fashion.

Website Working Again

Posted by David Krepel on September 24, 2014 (Comments Closed)

We have good news for you.  Our website is secure and working properly.  We have upgraded a number of issues to counter the all the hacking that has been going on.   We are now several steps ahead of them and plan to keep ahead!



Updating our Web Site

Posted by Steve on August 24, 2014 (Comments Closed)

We are adding pictures of new products every week and we are presently working on a plan that will subdivide our pages and make it easier to find certain products. We ask for your patience as we try to implement our vision.

Bilioxi Market, Here I come!

Posted by Steve on July 30, 2014 (Comments Closed)

I will be heading to the Biloxi Market this weekend.  I will showing off my product in the South once again.  Stop by and say Hi if you are in the area.

Also my web master is going to be putting up a lot more pictures on our web site.  We are filling some gaps but also adding lots of new stuff so come on back in a week or so and check it out.  He is also fixing a few glitches as well.

Have a great week,