My name is David Krepel, and we are a small family business. Our success has been based on our ability to design unique products that can be produced efficiently in our shop.  We continue to use american hardwoods as opposed to plywood and fiberboard.  A majority of our products are made from maple, a durable light colored wood showing a nice contrast with our engraving.

I enjoyed working with wood as a young boy. After I graduated from college I designed and built most of the furniture for my home. When my two boys, Jonathan and Joshua, turned 12 and 10 years old I gave them an opportunity to work and make some money. We started making shelves and nativity sets. In 2004 we out grew our two-car garage and moved to a building that provided 2400 sq. ft. of workspace. In the fall of 2007, we purchased property, giving us 4,800 sq ft so we added a showroom.   As my sons moved on to college and their careers, I relied on my daughters and eventually hired some friends to help me out.